$BCDT is now available on Ethereum, Avalanche & BSC :
- Ethereum 0xacfa209fb73bf3dd5bbfb1101b9bc999c49062a5
- Avalanche 0xaFb2780CBb58b2AF27023Eb2a0e60c8Ca0eEE9bb
- BSC 0x8683e604cdf911cd72652a04bf9d571697a86a60

Bridging $BCDT betweet Ethereum (ETH), Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Avalanche Network is now available though the AnySwap Bridge.
⚠ They recently rebrand themself Multichain but the following links are still available.

Find a complete tutorials here : Bridging BCDT from ETH to AVALANCHE

You can also find all the $BCDT address and copy them from here